hello there…

so i’m emma, and this is my blog.

paper and pasta. emma daniels

please don’t assume in any way that this is going to be a ‘look how amazing i am, and look at my beautiful designer clothes and house’ type blog, as while i spend hours on blogs like that, very much enjoying them, i have very little to show off (except for a lovely little baby bump).

i am just a broke (but happy) english girl who bloats if she eats dairy, loves to make things (as long as it’s not too complicated) and is currently living above a little village pub my partner manages, wondering if i can continue my freelancing once our little person comes along or if i’ll have to start living in the real world again.

this is just a place for me to record the many MANY things i am going to be learning about being pregnant and having a baby, how to live on a budget, things i can eat that don’t make me explode, and things i can make/upcycle/grow that have some sort of purpose. so do drop by if you fancy. if my learning can help anyone else, then great, if it allows me to get in touch with other new mums, crafters or dairy avoiders, awesome, or if it is just me talking into the great unknown with no one to help but myself, thats fine too!

i will post some proper posts soon.

happy thursday!


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