i made something today… handmade envelope…

our second scan has been coming up and with one of us wanting to know the gender and one of us not, it has been tricky trying to keep everyone happy. being the one who wants to know, i came up with the idea (i had read of someone doing it before, not claiming it) of asking the lovely sonographer to write the gender down and pop it in an envelope.

however being a designer, and someone who is a little bit too obsessed with visuals i wasn’t happy with any of a standard boring envelope, this one had to be special if it was going to be starred at for months with wistful determination; i am planning to leave it as long as i can, so as not to let it slip to luke! so this is what i made, my measurements were quite vague, i mainly went by the lines on my board, but you get the idea!

handmade card paper & pasta

I glued down the top and bottom fold (5cm & 1cm folds) but kept the side folds (half cm) unglued to create a wider envelope. I then just glued the top patterned part of the side fold and folded together. All very straight forward.

handmade envelope close up paper & pasta

i found a nice bit of cream card for the result to be noted on, i made sure it was nice as i have a feeling i may be framing it later in the year!

if i was making this for any other use i would have glued the opening down after putting my contents inside, but this time i left it accessible for the sonographer to predict my future…

handmade envelope with card paper & pastathe lovely floral paper i have used is by CAROLINE GARDENER


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