things i have learnt about virgin coconut oil…

i have been using virgin coconut oil in the bath for a few years after hearing it was good for your skin. but recently, due to my fondness of Pinterest, i have noticed it is ‘kind of a big deal’. after doing some research, yes mostly of the Pinterest kind, i have realised i massively underestimated the little pot that sits in my bathroom, now it follows me around the house! here is what i learnt…

things i have learnt about coconut oil. paper & pasta

coconut oil is incredible for your skin

use it as lip balm to soothe dry lips. add a few tablespoons to bathwater to moisturise (i wouldn’t do this every day or you will constantly be scrubbing your bath), i add some to my exfoliating glove before exfoliating. you can use it instead of shaving cream, this is especially good for sensitive skin, or simply rub it all over when you get out of the bath/shower. blend it with sugar and make an exfoliating scrub. blend it with baking soda and use it to clear up acne. dab it under your eyes and let the antioxidants fight those wrinkles and bags. it can even remove make up (apparently making your eyelashes longer) and clean old make up brushes!

coconut oil can also look after your hair

rub it into your tips to naturally condition and repair damaged hair. It can help fight dry scalp or dandruff by using as a hair mask (but only if you have really dry hair! i once used it in the bath on my skin and put my hair under before getting out, i had to rewash my hair as it looked so oily!). you can use it in place of moose or gel by dabbing a small amount over very dry or frizzy hair, apparently giving it a lovely shine!

use it inside as well as out

it is safe to heat up to high temperatures when frying (i have learnt some olive oils are not) so use it in place of other oils to have a much healthier stir fry. i have recently been brave enough to try it (i hate coconut) and while i don’t think i could sit and eat it off the spoon like i can Nutella or Marmite, i was pleasantly surprised by how little it tastes of coconut and how sweet but fresh it is! being dairy free, i now use it when cooking vegetables i would usually cook with butter (leek etc) as it is has the same sweetening effect. there are lots of recipes online for sweet but healthy desserts containing the stuff! it is proven to be a natural energy booster, when feeling tired you can have a spoonful to wake you up. it is recommended you have a spoonful when taking vitamins or supplements as it can help improve absorption, or with your meal to aid digestion.

it is your friend when pregnant

if you are brave enough, take it when suffering with morning sickness to balance out blood sugar, control diabetes and help keep sickness at bay. rub it onto your belly to prevent stretch marks and itchy skin. in the weeks leading up to labour you can rub it in your ‘danger area’ to prevent tearing. you can even take a spoonful to help with that pesky heartburn, and indigestion!

once baby is here you can use to soothe nappy rash, eczema, and remove cradle cap. it is also your best friend whilst nursing. not only can eating it increase your milk flow, but a little oil dabbed inside the babys mouth, as well as applying it to nipples before breastfeeding can be a massive help. and don’t forget to use it afterwards if you are cracked or sore.

you can also use it around the house

you will need one for the bathroom, kitchen and nursery, but you can also use it in the first aid and tool box. it can be used on cuts and bruises to speed up healing, it can help sooth chicken pox, bee stings and bug bites, treat infections, and help to prevent nosebleeds (by applying a thin layer inside your nostrils).

you can mix it with lemon juice to use as furniture polish. use instead of WD-40. remove gum from hair, season cast iron pans, treat leather, polish metal, mix with baking soda to make a cleaner, AND condition wooden cutting boards.

there are many more, but you get the idea? i have been using it for a few weeks after learning all this and can tell you I am feeling softer, shinier and healthier!

if you would like to learn EVEN more about coconut oil here are few good sites…

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