i made something today… easy frosted windows

easy frosted windows paper&pasta

i didn’t want the people over the road to see me get changed, or judge me for sleeping in, but i love having a light filled room. i could get some net curtains, and while some of them are beautiful (i have a dotty net curtain from Ikea that i am in love with) they can often block quite a lot of light, and need a regular wash to keep them looking and feeling clean. they also become totally useless as soon as your room becomes a fraction lighter than outside (which is sometimes a good thing as you can nose into peoples houses and see how they have decorated, which is a bad habit of mine). so when i moved into our flat i tried to figure out a way to get around this. i love the frosted window look as it feels so fresh, modern and clean, but being a renter, and broke, it is/was not an option. my solution was to use drawing pins to attach a thick white bin liner to the window frame. it was all good, until the summer, when the cats were chasing a rouge fly and accidentally tore holes in it! (i wasn’t mad as pest control is how they pay their way… that and comic value).

so when moving into a proper house i came upon the same problem. this time i wanted to do it properly, i was aware you could get a type of thermal plastic that peels onto the window, how perfect would it be if i could find something that not only kept in heat and gave me privacy but also peels away mark free?? but thats just it, perfect isn’t my forte at the moment, i have no internet to allow for adequate research (not that organised), and i no longer thrive on working myself to the bone (pregnant and tired) so this is my makeshift version…

easy frosted windows tools paper&pasta

i used some cheap gold drawing pins from The Range and a cheap plain shower curtain from Dunelm Mill. tool wise all I needed was a little hammer, my scalpel (although don’t worry if you don’t have one) and some good scissors!

easy frosted windows close up paper&pasta

first of all, i measured and allowed for a fold on each side etc, but this was far too much stress, unless you have the nerves of a saint (which i no longer do) don’t bother. just cut a slightly bigger rectangle than you think you will need, start with the straight edge of the original curtain then pull tight and attach in each corner, then in the middle. i then used my scalpel and some good scissors to neatly trim away the excess. it is easy, cheap, practical, and in my opinion, looks alright!

easy frosted windows, close up2 paper&pasta


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