things i am glad i have learnt recently…

cloth app


Paper & Pasta emma daniels

i’m not usually a fashion or outfit app kind of girl, but being pregnant (having a new figure) and being even more forgetful, this one sounded like a life saver! you take a photo of your outfit (if you like it) everyday. you can choose categories for the outfit ie everyday or evening, and then it allows you to tag words that you think will be helpful… pregnant, cold weather, comfy, fancy, whatever! so the next time you are standing in front of your wardrobe wondering how on earth to dress yourself, you can look at all the outfits with the appropriate tags. you can also share these photos if you are particularly proud of them… i did not.

i asked my brother what he wanted for his birthday “anything from Threadless”…

and so it began. Threadless is a printing company who print on t-shirts and other products using designs by an artist community of two million. anyone can submit a design, vote for a design or buy a design which can be printed onto lots of different things! the thing is, they’re in the US, so whilst it is good value, getting it over here could be a bit pricey if you don’t buy a fair few things at a time… so i did, whoops! it was worth it though, i got some awesome designs!

Washable cleansing pads


this isn’t strictly a new find, but i have recently fallen back in love with them, so it counts. to cleanse, tone and moisturise twice a day, can get expensive, and feels bad for my environmental conscience throwing away so many cotton pads. so i looked into other options and found these at Nigel’s eco store (the photo was also from Nigel’s eco store). personally i only use them with the toner, as i find they get too dirty too quick thanks to my mascara. but my god, they are lovely, you can use a side a time, and they feel like they get much deeper and maybe even exfoliate a little, in a lovely soft way. you can then just chuck them in the wash and use them again and again, perfect!

pregnancy yoga

as soon as i thought i might have been pregnant i avoided yoga, which was silly, as i’m sure no harm could have been done that early on, it probably would have helped, but subconsciously i did. so when i found a local pregnancy yoga course i jumped at the chance. i wanted to know what was good for me and what was best avoided, to be able to work with my body to prepare for the big day, rather than sit and cry into my ice-cream about how scary it was going to be. so i signed up for a 5 week course. i not only learnt an incredible amount, i got to talk (and stay in contact) with other pregnant ladies at different stages in their pregnancy. if you’re thinking of going, just do it, i’m feeling so much better about the idea of birth now…

if you are in the suffolk area i recommend the lovely Debs… who also does baby massage and yoga for when you are on the other side!

has anyone discovered anything they would like to shout about? feel free to leave a tip in the comment box!


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