seven months in. things i have learnt about being pregnant, part two.

long and stretchy not big and baggy

paper & pasta. things i've learnt about pregnancy, 7 months.

stealing lukes shirt as i’m running out of long things…

when i first found out i was pregnant and would consider buying clothes, i opted for big and baggy, nice loose t-shirts, you know the kind. my thinking was it would last me through most of my pregnancy as it was so wide… WRONG. yes it was useful when i was covering the bloat of early pregnancy, but as soon as i started growing an actual bump, suddenly the t-shirt stopped halfway over my belly… which is not a good look. so if you are in your early pregnancy, and like to buy clothes that last as long as possible, buy long! long, stretchy, fairly tight and preferably cotton or at least soft. and if you want to buy trousers to prepare, buy maternity leggings, they are so comfy, they give you confidence that you are not going to accidentally flash your bump, and they will fit you from the start to the very end, and i dare say a while after.

to the left to the left

pregnant or not, but most helpful when you are, i’ve learnt you should sleep on your left side (with a pillow between your knees). it is better for your circulation, improving blood flow to the baby. it takes pressure of your back. prevents your uterus applying pressure on your liver and helps heartburn! obviously, if you’re a turner like me, it is not bad for you or baby if you turn to your right (just don’t do it too quickly or stay on your back if you are pregnant!) but the benefits of the left are so attractive, it’s something to keep in mind!

bump size

paper & pasta. things i've learnt about pregnancy, 7 months. bump size

awesome (polar) bear mum knitted us, and my growing bump…

to the many people, most of which i know, but some complete strangers, who ask how long i have left who HILARIOUSLY then ask “are you sure it’s not twins?!” when they see i’m fairly big, i’m talking to you. i looked into it, as it worried me, am i too big bump wise? is the baby too big? is something wrong?


having a big bump does not always relate to having a big baby. it depends on many factors and is different for everyone. it can be affected by;

HEIGHT, the taller you are the more the baby can spread out, so often the smaller the bump.

WEIGHT, if you are thin it is likely to show more.

FITNESS, if you had mega strong stomach muscles before getting pregnant, the longer they will hold the baby in, or in my case if you didn’t, the quicker they will give way (and make a weird triangle shape when you tense them up!)

FLUID, it’s not just baby in there, the amniotic fluid that surrounds your baby can differ.

another reason i have decided to no longer let it worry me was a recent realisation i had. every few weeks or so i google the week i’m on to browse the many websites that give you useful facts about whats going on in there, what type of fruit your baby is the size of, what you can expect symptom wise etc etc. this week when i googled it, google images came up on top, filled with photos of tiny babies who were prematurely born for whatever reason, who needed to spend a few months in hospital to continue to grow, but were eventually fine! if i were to have my baby now, it would still be a tiny person, completely baby shaped and everything. so of course i’m starting to get big! there is a proper little person in there! which leads me onto my next point nicely…

don’t stress so much

paper & pasta. things i've learnt about pregnancy, 7 months. don't stress

alpro soy chocolate and strawberries, yum.

yes i’ve spoken about this before, but it is so easily done, especially when you are pregnant, so i needed the reminder.

having a baby at the most convenient time in your life, with a husband, a big beautiful house, lots of money, being perfectly fit, and maintaining a strictly healthy and nutritious balanced diet, i should think is pretty impossible. or if possible, i should think comes with a heck load of other side affects (pressure and stress being the main ones). but if something about your life is not in this ideal of ‘perfect’ it could be easy to worry about. one of my main stresses, other than money, is my diet, i am generally a healthy eater, but if i fancy something, god help anyone that tries to stop me, and it now seems, baby like sugar. especially chocolate! having to avoid eating too much sugar over christmas AND easter has been tricky, and i have failed, a lot. so then i get the guilts, will my baby be hyper? will he/she come out obese or addicted to chocolate?? you can get the guilts over so many things, money, stability, knowledge… but if you find yourself agonising over all these things that you can’t really control, then you are potentially stressing out the baby, and for what? if you are sat worrying that you can’t do enough for your baby, then i think you can be pretty certain that you already have the most important job covered. if you are already so in love with your baby that you worry over these things, it is pretty likely you and baby will be fine. wanting the best for someone can one day mean giving the best to someone, but not always vice versa. wouldn’t you rather have one parent, or two of the same sex, who loves you that much, than having two perfect parents who might not care, but are super healthy with lots of money?

also if you try to act too different to who you actually are then won’t that be a boring and very impersonal upbringing? you can be pretty certain that they will have a few of your bad habits, through nature or nurture. i’m afraid they will never be perfect, however much you try.

i think ultimately, if your intentions are good, they will enjoy their story. i love that i have the crappy little table that fit in my parents tiny house when they had me, and i love the photo of ‘baby me’ having a bath in the kitchen sink as they were having work done and nothing was ready in time. if you start a story how you would like it to end, or how other people think it should be, then it won’t be a very interesting read will it?

so try your best, keep your intentions good, but don’t stress!


(just so you know… i am trying to control the chocolate thing)


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