my special Norwich trip…

paper&pasta Norwichin April i managed to finish enough work to warrant having a trip (and mass paper pick up) to lovely Norwich! a very large selection of my favourite people  live in Norwich, and as i went to uni there, i always get an exciting coming home type feeling. often a trip i make on my birthday, i wanted to make it early so i wouldn’t have to do it heavily pregnant!

paper&pasta norwich6instatntly i dragged my lovely friend Katie round some suitable baby type shops, i think she started to get a little excited by all the little person things..

paper&pasta norwich2we very quickly decided to have a sit down and catch up with the crafty Tori, so went to Jamies and had some bloody lovely fruity mocktails…

paper&pasta norwich3then maybe another round with a lunch time dessert!

paper&pasta norwich4

paper&pasta norwich5i loved Jamies, i’m such a sucker for beautiful decor, oh and italian food. the toilets were so beautiful i HAD to to a bump shot!

paper&pasta norwich 7we were then lucky enough to go to Jess’s meet her ridiculously tiny kitten then get all dressed up, go for a lovely italian (where for a moment we were all living together and at uni again) then meet the boys for a few drinks (in my case waters). I ended the night getting to bed far too late, but sitting up with Jess sitting holding my bump for any sign of movement, trying to make sense of life…

what an incredible trip! miss you Norwich!




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