the week of birthdays

i was lucky enough to go to four birthday meals within the space of a week, yes two were mine, and hell yes they were all Italian, it was a very good week!

first was my lovely friend Flo, who got very excited about her caterpillar cake!

paper&pasta birthdays2

then it was Luke’s birthday, when he got to enjoy lot of fishy delights at Lucca’s in Manningtree, and where we later got stranded (always book a taxi home on a Saturday night) and for the first time in many years had to ring my Mum late at night for a lift! thanks again Mum you saved us!

paper&pasta birthdays3lastly it was my birthday. and because, for my birthday i was lucky enough to get a fancy new lens for my camera i took a fair few photos…

paper&pasta birthdays 4

Tors, Flo and I fooding it up

paper&pasta birthdays 5

the dapper looking Timo!

paper&pasta birthdays 6

Luke confused by his coffee cup

paper&pasta birthdays 7

the birthday beaut i promised myself

paper&pasta birthdays 8

yes i may have taken my camera to the ladies to take a bump selfie, but i wanted to capture the moment, and now i’m glad i did!

so here’s to another year…




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