baby shower fun…

i had never even been to a baby shower before, and the idea of being ‘showered with gifts’ and baby gender themed fruit cake made me feel a bit queasy. but after seeing so many lovely photos (again on Pinterest) of some more laid back do’s over the last year or so, i thought it would be a lovely excuse to get all my favourite people together, and show them how round i was!

i also realised i could turn it into a bit of a creative project, which got me far too excited. i started with the invite, it was so much fun designing a cut design for myself for once…paper&pasta baby shower invite

i managed to luck out with my location, i had made some recent friends in two lovely sisters, Hannah and Beth who were opening up their own independent coffee house, Baker & Barista, in my favourite part of Ipswich (it is now open so if you’re in the area you must go visit!). although it wasn’t quite ready in time for my shower they were kind enough to open their doors early and host us anyway which i am still SO thankful for! they even sorted out the baking for me so i got some lovely sweet treats!
paper&pasta baby shower4paper&pasta baby shower

i went with white and gold decor as it’s neutral and i love it.

paper&pasta baby shower2

my favourite ‘organised activity’ was the decorate a onesie part. which was when i realised just how many of my close friends were creatives! i got some lovely onseies which i can’t wait to start using soon! paper&pasta Decorated onsies!

another fun activity was for everyone to bring a baby photo of themselves, it is a lot of fun trying to figure out who was who, but not so fun having to do it in front of everyone!paper&pasta baby photo game

i also made a little box with some note paper which i left for people to write any words of wisdom they had for the baby. i thought either they would be lovely and thoughtful so i could frame it and put it up in the nursery, or more likely, silly and rude and i could get them out in 18 years time!

paper&pasta baby shower wise words

check out the incredible cakes and cookies… this was slight torture for me as i had gestational diabetes, but i managed to try a little of most of them and they were beautiful. i am now sampling my way through lots of Baker & Barista cakes to make up for it!paper&pasta baby shower cakes

by far the best surprise of my night was seeing my lovely auntie and cousin who live in Holland, they had told me they could not make it! it was so overwhelming i didn’t quite know what to do! very sneaky! apparently i walked past them in town a few hours before and didn’t notice, i was so stressed that day, my word of wisdom on baby showering, don’t organise your own, it’s not relaxing. if like me, you want to have creative control, by all means still do that, but let someone you are close to organise it, someone who already knows you are a bit of a control freak.

paper&pasta baby shower family

this is me (the round one) with my wonderful mum and my lovely cousin Sam and aunty Sally! i was spoilt that day with Mums help and Sam and Sally’s company!

even my lovely uni besties from Norwich came! i was VERY spoilt!

even my lovely uni besties from Norwich came! i was VERY spoilt!

to everybody who came, especially those who travelled far. and for all the truly beautiful gifts, all of which were so well chosen and/or made (more on that another day)… thank you so so much.

it just goes to show if you look for excuses to get special people together and make contact with those people you wish you saw more, it might just pay off, it certainly did for me!
paper&pasta baby shower gifts


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