don’t forget to take lots of photos…

the next few posts are probably going to be a baby bump overload, but i followed everyone’s advice and took lots of photos, now i don’t know what to do with them all!

this was one i MADE Luke do with me (using pregnant hormone sad face, not aggressive force- he’s fine)…

Big Bump Photos! PAPER & PASTA

i was inspired by one of my favourite photos of my nana…

Stella Photo booth shots. PAPER&PASTA

i love it as it is such an insight into her character when she was young. after seeing this, i decided that at every milestone in my life i would take a photo booth picture to remember it . so this is my first!


paper & pasta catch up…


i know, i’ve been useless. it all got a bit too much; being pregnant, making our new home all homely, being self employed and not being able to say no to commissions blah blah blah.

so let me catch you up. back in April, we had some lovely sunny evenings, so we made the most of them, i tagged along with Luke to his golf club and learnt a bit more about the game, and how well he photographs!

paper&pasta golf evening

paper&pasta golf evening2

spot the bump i thought was big at the time!

paper&pasta golf evening3

paper&pasta golf evening4

my shadow was feeling very childish…