making paper pompoms…

paper&pasta pompoms!

being a pinterest mega fan, i had admired paper pompoms for a while. so finally given an excuse for a pretty party i thought i’d rope in my friend Tors and have a go! it is actually really easy, just make sure you have a good film, or a lot to talk about, as after one or two it can get a bit… samey.paper&pasta paper pompoms

start by layering 8 sheets of tissue paper on top of each other. i chose all white and all gold but am definitely trying an ombre effect next time using different shades. also try different sizes, cutting the sheets in half makes a nice size pompom.
paper&pasta paper pompoms

starting from the bottom of the rectangle fold the sheets in a concertina style, ie a paper fan, keeping to about a 5cm width.paper&pasta paper pompoms 3

next tie a piece of string firmly around the middle of the ‘fan’ to secure. this is also a good time to attach your hanging string to this string.paper&pasta paper pompoms4

trim both the ends of the fan into a curve, this makes a big difference afterwards!
paper&pasta paper pompoms5finally spread out the fanned parts and carefully unfold each fragile sheet. don’t worry if it doesn’t look right straight away you can style it nicely once completely unfolded, and don’t be afraid to mess it up and scrunch a bit!

it’s easy give it a go!