things i have learnt about being pregnant… full term


one of the main things i was worried about, with the whole being pregnant thing, was the actual birth. i remember hearing heavily pregnant women saying they “can’t wait till they give birth” and i thought i would never wish to hurry along something so scary! but it becomes inevitable, it is something you have to do, so you first accept it, then prepare, then sit and wait for it to happen. there is also the combination of being able to turn over in bed, tie your own shoelaces, AND meet the person you have made which makes it all a bit more exciting!

Preparations, Full Term. PAPER & PASTA

people are not discreet. being pregnant has changed the way people act around me. from knowing instantly if someone knows your secret; stop sneaking looks at my stomach i’m not going to start showing for months! to becoming a focal point; i have never received so many smiles from strangers. to a talking point; “wow you are big, how much longer to go? girl or boy?”. which in the last couple of weeks just turns into stares and nudges. most of the time, this extra attention was lovely, it made moving around easier, everyone is happy for you and trying to help you out, and you can get away with anything!!

Belly Shot. PAPER & PASTA

pregnancy doesn’t have to become you. when i pictured being pregnant (which i admit i did a lot, for a very long time) i thought eventually i would become a big bloated elephant and not feel like myself anymore. and actually i was sort of looking forward to it, a new identity, having a good old moan about my swollen ankles. but it never happened, i always felt like me, with a massive beach ball attached to my front. i still had the same thoughts, wanted to wear the same type of clothes and do the same things i had done before… as long as i ate every few hours and always had water!


essential things i didn’t realise i’d need… a foam mattress topper, many many pillows, a chair placed in every spot i stand up in for longer than a minute, chocolate ice cream, cooling spray, a midnight cold water paddle and the need to dress up nice and go out!

everyone tells you, make the most of your freedom, get as much sleep as you can, and take lots of photos, and i’m glad i did… or i don’t think i’d quite believe it!

Full Term. PAPER & PASTA