maternity shoot, if in doubt, do it.

PAPER&PASTA Helen Kirkman photos1 copy

only four months ago i was the size of a house and bursting with excitment. i am so glad i took so many photos as it’s sometimes hard to believe it all really happened!

but as nice as it is to have my Instagram bump selfies, i am so glad we got to have a shoot with the beautiful Helen Kirkman. it was such a lovely time of the day, in what was a lovely summer, i’m so happy we captured it. these are a few of my favourites…

PAPER&PASTA Helen Kirkman Shoot2

PAPER&PASTA Helen Kirkman Shoot3

PAPER&PASTA Helen Kirkman Shoot4

PAPER&PASTA Helen Kirkman Shoot5

PAPER&PASTA Helen Kirkman Shoot6

PAPER&PASTA Helen Kirkman Shoot7if you are looking at these wondering if you should bother doing a maternity shoot, questioning if you need one. obviously, it is not something that you need, but something that if you invest either a little time and/or money in now, you can be happy you did for the rest of your life, and that person inside you might enjoy them too!

if you are in the UK, i can highly recommend Helen, i was nervous about posing and being cheesy or awkward but she was so relaxed and fun i completely forgot about it.

have a look at her website HERE. go on, have a look, and while you’re there give her a ‘Like’ or a ‘Follow’, she’s a good egg she deserves it.